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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

This Review posted by Sam Blake on 25 March 2014.

Guest review by Kevin Massey

The first thing you notice about ‘Gone Girl’ is its structure. It opens with the perspective of Nick, on the day of his fifth wedding anniversary, the day that his wife disappears. The next chapter is from the perspective of his wife, Amy, starting from the day she meets Nick. And so the book continues, alternating perspective and time frame with each chapter.

‘Gone Girl’ is gripping. The structure of the book creates a stark contrast between the frantic and bitter nature of Nick, as he looks for his wife and tries to maintain his secrets, with the growing joy of Amy as she falls in love with her future husband. The contrast between their narrative creates a feeling of unease, as you try to figure out how their seemingly idyllic relationship disintegrated. The same event is described in starkly different terms, depending on whether Nick or Amy is describing it, leaving the reader with a difficult choice; who do you trust? Who do you believe?

There is not much more I can say without giving away the plot but, rest assured, there are many twists and turns throughout the book that will surprise you without being illogical. It will leave you feeling tense, you will not be able to put it down. It is a book that will cause you to look at relationships and friends in a new light for a few days.