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Taken: Niamh O’Connor

This Review posted by Sam Blake on 29 August 2011.

I loved Niamh O’Connor’s first novel If I Never See You Again, was left frantically trying to finish it at the heart stopping ending – so I was really looking forward to what happend next to the ballsy DI Jo Birmingham. But I really wasn’t expecting the way O’Connor’s new novel Taken keeps surprising the reader right to the last page – I couldn’t put it down!

Grabbing you in the first page, O’Connor plays on every mother’s fears and hooks you into a plot that twists and turns so fast you just have to keep reading to find out what happens next. The sense of confusion at a murder scene where the facts presented and the evidence just don’t add up was masterfully executed – it’s easy for us readers who watch cop dramas to think that gut instinct and forensics will throw up the killer everytime. As O’Connor knows from her job as True Crime editor of the Sunday World, real life and real policing isn’t like that – and you can’t trust anything you see.

This is a fabulous read, exposing the tragic dark side of wealth and celebrity, a fast paced thriller that will leave you thinking next time you open Hello! Magazine, and keep you guessing to the end. Couldn’t recommended it highly enough.

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Sam Blake